Body Fat, Health and Wellness

Body confidence and self-confidence are closely linked to each other. Studies show that individuals with healthy levels of self-confidence perform better in all areas of life. Feeling good about yourself and your appearance can improve your self-confidence and positively impact your quality of life. Culturally, we’re obsessed with our appearance […]

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When The Gym Won’t Get You To The Church On Time

Preparing for your wedding can be a huge challenge and a time consuming source of stress for many months or even years. It can also be a lot of fun and the process will undoubtedly be a source of many memories. Worrying about fitting into your wedding gown or tux […]

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What is the Vaser difference at NorCal Liposculpture

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING LASER-ASSISTED LIPOSUCTION OR THE FREEZING OF UNWANTED FAT, PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BEFORE DECIDING WHICH PROCEDURE IS BEST FOR YOU: Vaser ultrasound technology differs from other available technologies being used in liposuction. Unlike laser-assisted liposuction (eg. SmartLipo™), or the non-invasive method of freezing fat (eg. […]

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