When The Gym Won’t Get You To The Church On Time

Preparing for your wedding can be a huge challenge and a time consuming source of stress for many months or even years. It can also be a lot of fun and the process will undoubtedly be a source of many memories. Worrying about fitting into your wedding gown or tux and looking your best is nearly universal and certainly one of the major pre-wedding stressors. If you are like many of us, despite years devoted to dieting and hitting the gym, you simply can’t get rid of certain troublesome areas of unwanted fat-fat in areas that usually make the difference between looking good in that gown or tuxedo and looking great. Areas like the abdomen, love handles, back, arms, neck and thighs can now be addressed permanently and effectively.

When The Gym Won’t Get You To The Church On Time

The Vaser System, from Solta Medical, is a minimally invasive device that uses ultrasound technology to emulsify fat. This system differs from other available technologies, such as laser-based systems, in that it leaves most connective tissue intact while emulsifying the overlying and intervening fat. This produces greater skin-tightening, and allows more fat to safely be removed than other procedures. Many of these other systems indiscriminately burn through not only fat, but they also destroy blood vessels, nerves, and other connective tissue as well, which often produces uneven and inconsistent results. I know this very well, as I initially used a laser-based system. My frustration with some of the outcomes I was getting led me to Vaser, and after trying the device once, I never went back.

The results are dramatic and immediate – an ideal solution to the looking good/looking great problem–with the resulting boost in confidence that many feel after the procedure an incredible side benefit. This procedure does in one treatment what diet and exercise have been unable to do for many, and the results should be permanent as long as proper diet/exercise are maintained.


Though the results are achieved in one treatment, and while the final results typically take four to six months to achieve, if you are considering Vaser Liposuction, you should conservatively allow up to 4-6 weeks for adequate healing between the procedure and your big day. Scars from the procedure are hidden and essentially invisible. As the fat cells that are removed after treatment with Vaser are viable (unlike laser-based systems), an added bonus is that those cells can be transferred back to naturally augment other areas of the body where desired.

There are of course many important considerations when considering a cosmetic surgical procedure. Ideally the procedure should be performed by a surgeon and in a facility accredited by one of the nationally recognized surgical center accrediting agencies. Unlike most non-surgeon physicians, surgeons have intimate knowledge of anatomy and complex operative and post-operative management, not just of human physiology and medicine. Though serious complications are rare with liposuction, they can occur and ideally your physician should be able to manage any potential complications themselves-only a surgeon is truly qualified to do this. Further, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. You want a surgeon who will not only provide realistic expectations of what can and cannot be achieved for you, but one who has your safety, health, and well-being as their primary concern.

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed and its popularity with both men and women is rising, thanks in part to the fact that it can be performed without general anesthesia. So if you’ve been frustrated by unsightly deposits of fat that you can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try, Vaser Lipo can make the difference you’ve been trying to achieve. For example, losing 3-10 inches from the waist is a typical result for my patients who have the procedure performed on their abdomen and flanks, and similarly dramatic results may be achieved for any area of the body treated.


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