Traditional Liposuction vs. Vaser Liposuction

People have always found ways to improve their appearance. In our current world, we have so many options before us to alter and enhance the way we look it can be overwhelming. Dr. Friedlander strives to inform his patients about the safest cutting-edge technology that will benefit them the most. One particular area of cosmetic surgery that scientists and surgeons have perfected is fat removal and body contouring.

Liposuction is an excellent solution for people to remove stubborn fat deposits. As with most technology, liposuction has greatly advanced since it was first created. If you are interested in a liposuction treatment, you’ll want to consider the most technologically advanced procedure today, Vaser. Vaser liposuction is a revolutionary method that will transform the shape of your body and improve your skin!

Modern Liposuction Technology

Liposuction has been around since the 1920s when a French surgeon presented the idea of body contouring through fat removal. The liposuction technique of removing fat was further evolved in 1974 by Italian doctors. Later on, in 1984, Liposuction became popular when a French surgeon developed the suction method of removing excess fat deposits that we know today. The surgeon injected fluid into the treatment area to break up the fat cells. He then removed excess fat with an aspirator, thus creating the procedure that is now generically called liposuction.

Lidocaine was eventually introduced as a local anesthetic to help improve the surgical experience. Incision techniques were improved and the benefits of compression garments were implemented.

In the 1990s, doctors developed methods of using ultrasound to liquefy the fat cells to speed up the procedure and by proxy, the recovery period. All of these technological innovations built upon each other to improve liposuction procedures, helping fat to be removed quicker with less pain, trauma to surrounding tissues, and blood loss. We have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, natural results that decades of hard work poured into perfecting modern liposuction techniques.

Today, there are many liposuction techniques to choose from. Vaser liposuction builds off all these innovations to create a technologically-advanced procedure that will give you long-lasting, precise, and beautiful natural-looking results.

Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction is not precise and takes a while to complete.

Traditional liposuction uses the basic methods of a cannula (a thin hollow tube) and an aspirator (suction device). These tools are inserted into the treatment area through an incision. The surgeon will then need to move the aspirator back-and-forth to dislodge fat cells and remove them. This wrist movement can become very tiring after a while and the treatment often causes trauma to surrounding tissues. This method is successful at removing excess fat, however, there are safer, healthier alternatives, such as Vaser liposuction.

Vaser Liposuction

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance and uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to liquefy fat cells. This technique allows for the precise removal of fat and for natural contouring of the body. The Vaser technology targets fat cells while leaving the surrounding connective tissues intact.

This method boasts less downtime because of its minimally invasive approach that decreases trauma. The method also helps the skin to contract and tighten after the procedure.

Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy to emulsify fat cells and benefit the skin by contraction and the stimulation of collagen production. Vaser liposuction will result in a sculpted area of your body and the improvement of the treated area’s skin.

A Full Range of Liposuction Treatment Areas

Nervous about scarring? Vaser only requires a few small, mostly hidden incisions. Vaser liposuction can treat your ankles, arms, axilla, breast, calves, chest, chin, neck, flanks, thighs, knees, stomach, back and waist. Vaser is an efficient, cutting-edge technology that can help you achieve your ideal aesthetic goal!

Vaser liposuction is often performed on men and women between the ages of twenty to eighty. However, we have treated patients as young as 16 and as….young as 86! If you have been working out to reduce specific areas of your body that always seem to have a fat deposit that doesn’t budge, then you may want to consider a Vaser liposuction treatment. Vaser yields incredible results with only a single treatment required in any given area. Provided a healthy lifestyle is maintained, results should be permanent.

Vaser liposuction procedures are similar in nature to a traditional liposuction procedure but implement newer technology. The details of the Vaser procedure will be discussed in your private, thorough consultation.

As a top-ranked liposuction specialist, Dr. Friedlander approaches each procedure with a personal touch, carefully addressing each patient’s unique shape and anatomy.

Dr. Friedlander and his staff are happy to work with you to make you feel safe and comfortable. When everything has been prepared, Dr. Friedlander will make very small, hidden incisions. Then, tumescent fluid is injected into the targeted area. This is another area in which Vaser liposuction greatly differs from traditional liposuction. Tumescent fluid is a combination of lidocaine (an anesthetic), saline, epinephrine (adrenaline), and bicarbonate. This solution acts as a localized anesthetic and causes the fat cells to swell and become firm. Tumescent fluid is revolutionary! The solution allows for a simpler removal of fat cells, less trauma to surrounding tissue and, because of the epinephrine, will help decrease blood loss significantly during the procedure. Tumescent fluid is used in most types of liposuction these days, however, Vaser is the only technology that requires tumescent fluid to be present, as the ultrasound energy is transmitted to the fat cells via this fluid.

Once the tumescent fluid has been administered, the Vaser device will emit ultrasound waves, targeting the tumescent fluid and specific fat deposits. These waves will cause cavitation in the tumescent fluid. The bubbles’ movements will delicately agitate the specific fat cells and help them detach from the connective tissue they are attached to.

The ultrasound energy is administered precisely and will not negatively affect the surrounding tissue.

Vaser Liposuction Skin Tightening

Another primary benefit of Vaser technology is the ability to achieve profound local skin tightening. As the ultrasound waves are emitted, local tissues undergo coagulation and tightening, resulting in a shrink-wrap effect.

Vaser technology allows Dr. Friedlander to perform the procedure with more control and precision than traditional liposuction. Once the fat cells have been dislodged from the connective tissue, Dr. Friedlander will gently remove fat pockets in gentle, strategic movements. His in-depth understanding of the human anatomy will help him perform specific movements will help to achieve a slimmer, sculpted result that will improve the patient’s appearance. Vaser technology helps patients achieve natural contouring that provides attractive outcomes!

Vaser technology requires only miniscule, hidden incisions that allow from maximum results and minimal trauma! Vaser technology can help to transform your body with little signs of a procedure!

Vaser technology is safe and requires relatively little downtime. A Vaser liposuction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. After your treatment, the expert staff at NorCal Liposculpture will monitor you for a brief period to ensure you are recovering well and that you are appropriate for discharge. Once you are discharged home, the anesthetic effect will begin to diminish and you may have discomfort in the treated areas. You will be provided with effective pain medication, which should only be required for a few days.

Bruising and swelling are a normal part of the recovery process. Bruising subsides typically within days/weeks, while swelling peaks in 2-3 weeks.

Though results are immediate and dramatic, final results are typically seen, depending on the areas treated, in 4-6 months.

Compression garments are commonly worn after any liposuction procedure. Depending on the area fat is removed from, you may be required to wear the garment for several days or several weeks. A garment similar to Spanx will be worn after the compression garment. This type of garment helps to reduce swelling and adjusts your skin to its new position and contours.

Liposuction Results

Downtime is typically minimal and patients usually need to schedule only a few days off from work. Driving may need to be avoided for up to five days if any pain medications are being used to diminish discomfort. Strenuous activity only needs to be avoided for about a month, and we encourage our patients to go on short walks and otherwise generally perform usual daily activities. This level of activity will improve the healing process.

The many benefits of Vaser liposuction combined with the care you will receive from Dr. Friedlander and his staff will provide you with an excellent, positive experience. As one of the most experienced and dedicated liposuction experts in the Sacramento area, Dr. Friedlander has surrounded himself with a talented, expert team that strives to build relationships with their patients. Get your ideal outcome with Dr. Friedlander and Vaser technology!

After a Vaser liposuction procedure, you will immediately notice your slimmer appearance and smoother skin!

Because your fat cells have been removed they cannot return and expand. This treatment provides a long-lasting solution that will provide you with a trim, attractive figure! However, no liposuction treatment is meant to be used as a weight loss procedure. To maintain your results you will want to preserve a healthy lifestyle. This technique is perfect for sculpting areas of your body that are resistant to exercise and diet.

Other liposuction techniques such as traditional and laser techniques implement rougher techniques that rely on physical trauma, or the use of high temperatures(laser) that causes trauma to surrounding tissues. With ultrasound frequencies, Vaser technology is able to seamlessly break down fat deposits without damaging your surrounding tissues. The fat is then removed with more ease and accuracy than traditional liposuction procedures. Vaser treatments are a highly advanced method of eliminating fat that subjects the body to less trauma, allowing patients to have a faster, more comfortable recovery.

Vaser is able to remove fat that is at or near the surface of your skin. This fat often dimples your skin and makes a toned, defined appearance very difficult to obtain.

Vaser technology’s ability to remove this fat and sculpt it is the reason results are transformative and unlike other liposuction results. After a liposuction treatment, the skin in the treated area is often loosened due to the strain of the fat cells. Vaser treatments tighten the skin in the treated area, to give you noticeably improved, taut skin. Traditional liposuction treatments sometimes cause bumps, ripples or irregularities to develop in the skin.

Transform your appearance and improve the quality of your skin with a Vaser treatment at NorCal Liposuction!

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