Kayte Christensen
I’ve been an athlete all my life and had never worried about my body or weight. A back injury has severely limited my ability to work out and what types of activities I’m able to do. After several years, and my metabolism slowing in my mid-30s, I began to become extremely uncomfortable with certain things…mainly my mid-section. I already eat fairly healthy and love food too much to resort to a restriction diet to get the body I once had. That’s when Dr. Jack and laser lipo surgery came into the picture. He explained the procedure in depth and the results I would be able to expect. It’s ended up being the best thing I’ve ever done.  My friends and family thought I was crazy, asking what in the heck I was going to “take off”. The reality is I had gotten very good at camouflaging my muffin top and love handles. I will be the first to admit I was never overweight but I definitely had problem areas that I was hiding. I got sick and tired of changing clothes several times before deciding on something that didn’t reveal the areas I was self-conscious about. The procedure changed all that for me.  I love not having to worry about what I’m wearing or how I’m sitting. And the best thing about it is how simple and easy it all was and how wonderful Dr. Jack and his attentive, professional and caring staff have been through the whole process. If you feel the same way I did about your body, this is a safe affordable option to feel great about your body again.
I first heard of Norcal Liposculpture and Dr. Jack from the KHTK 1140 am radio station in Sacramento. Their morning show of Carmichael Dave, Kayte Christiansen, and Nate Goodyear broadcast ads for Norcal Liposculpture. Both Dave and Kayte had said they had had treatment at your facility and that it had been very successful. The more I heard the commercials the more it peaked my interest. I finally called and set up an appointment. Dr. Jack and I met and discussed what results I wanted, how the procedure would be done, and what the cost would be. I left the office telling Dr. Jack that I would think about it which I did. After approximately 3 weeks later, I called to have the procedure on my mid section done. An appointment was set up, at that appointment initial payment was made, the procedure explained, instructions were given to me, and a date was set for the procedure. I am a 65 year old male, recently retired, that was not happy with the way I looked. I have always cared about what I looked like. For me, the thought of a way to look better thru surgery was an option I needed to explore which I did. Was I over weight ? A bit, but even thru working out I was not able to reduce my midsection that was my nemesis. On Sept. 13th I had the procedure done. I was on the table for 4 hours as Dr. Jack removed nearly 1/2 gallon of fat from my midsection and around both sides of my body. The procedure was virtually painless as I was awake during the procedure and probably even nodded off on occasion. After one week my friends were telling me that I looked like I was losing weight. I hadn’t really lost weight but my midsection was noticeably smaller. I was already using holes on my belt that I hadn’t used in years. Dr. Jack had explained to me on my 1st checkup after surgery that the final result would take at least 8 weeks as my swelling would continue to subside. A question you might ask was there pain ? Its not pain but soreness that subsides gradually. I cannot express to you how much better I look physically and feel mentally. I justified the cost of the procedure like this, we go out and buy cars, vacations, and furniture etc., why not invest some money in a body tune-up. So I did and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. So if you asked me would I do this all over again, the answer would be ABSOLUTELY. A big “thank you” goes out to Dr. Jack, Tera his assistant, and the staff for being professional, making this an enjoyable experience, and one that I am beyond pleased with. If you are on the fence as to making this decision or just initially investigating I encourage you to go forth. You will not regret that decision.
Thank you, Dr. Friedlander and staff, for helping me look better and feel better about myself than I have in years.  I am amazed to have already lost eight inches off my stomach which will continue to improve over time.  Although I wasn’t overweight, I spent a significant amount of time and effort attempting to minimize or camouflage this area. I initially considering CoolSculpting, but decided against paying thousands of dollars for a modest 20% overall improvement; which lead me to consider liposuction.  After spending time researching liposuction techniques, I decided that VASER liposuction was the best option for me: using ultrasonic technology to liquefy fat while preserving underlying tissue, this technology sculpts the body with minimal bruising and pain. I researched multiple doctors in Northern California and was most impressed by the before and after pictures of Dr. Friedlander’s work.  His consultant and assistant, Tera, was incredibly helpful and supportive and I felt immediately comfortable about my decision. Post-surgery, I am delighted with my results and have a flat stomach for the first time in decades.  VASER liposuction was a worthy investment and I highly recommend Dr. Friedlander to anyone considering improving their body as they will not be disappointed.
47 Year Old Male - Roseville, CA
I have known and personally worked with Dr. Friedlander on a professional level for over 10 years.  There are certain professional and personal qualities one must look for when considering a surgeon to take care of them.  Compassion, bedside manner, surgical skill and attention to detail are some of these qualities.  Needless to say,  Dr. Friedlander possesses these qualities and many more.  There are no other surgeons I would have had the confidence in to take care of me when considering Vaser liposuction. From early in my teenage years and well through college, health, nutrition and weight training were integral to my daily life.  As with many of us, marriage, children, professional careers and  life in general make it difficult to maintain the level of commitment to a healthy lifestyle we once knew.  We attempt to eat well, train like we used to and stay on track, but over a few decades we put on that 25 pounds that used to be so easy to keep off. Trying to lose these extra pounds becomes, needless to say, even more difficult as we reach our late 40’s.  Our motivation begins to wane, the challenge becomes an uphill battle and we question whether or not we will ever see those abs we were once so proud of again.  These are the reasons why I decided to go see Dr. Friedlander. Although I was not a candidate for a Hi-Definition Vaser procedure, he confidently stated that he could make a positive change in my physique.  And what a physical change it made! The surgery was very manageable and the recovery took roughly 4-6 weeks. Looking in the mirror and seeing a silhouette with well defined lines of musculature reflecting back at me, or fitting into pants that are three sizes smaller, have been life changing.  More than anything though, it has made a positive personal change in my life that is hard to place a value on.  The motivation and fire inside for health, nutrition and training that once fueled me have now returned.  Every day is now another day for self improvement and positive change. I can’t thank Dr. Friedlander enough for the instrumental part he and his amazing team played in getting me back on a positive path!
As a mother of 4 with a 16 year span from first to fourth, I am too familiar with the damaging effects pregnancy/delivery has on a woman’s body. Couple that with less than favorable genetics and I found myself in a depressing tailspin of insecurity and baggy shirts. After a conversation with Dr. Friedlander and his assistant Tera about my desire to have a tummy tuck to correct the stubborn belly fat I inherited with each pregnancy, they introduced me to a much safer and less invasive option…VaserLipo. Long story short, I hadn’t wore a form fitting shirt in over 10 years, until now. I now wear clothes I had previously swore off and I no longer hate getting dressed! My confidence level has increased and I owe it all to Norcal Liposculpture. Thank you Dr. Friedlander and Tera for taking such good care of me! I will forever be grateful for the time, care, and concern you put into my procedure and recovery. 
After having 3 kids, I struggled with feeling comfortable with my mid section.  My wardrobe consisted of clothes that would help conceal this area and getting dressed everyday was a process I dreaded.  I originally considered coolsculpting but after research, consults and careful consideration, I believed VaserLipo to be the best choice for me.   I never thought I would have a flat tummy again after having children but Dr. Friedlander and his team have made that possible.  I feel comfortable again in my own skin and it is amazing how a confidence boost can impact many aspects of your life.  Shopping for clothes and getting dressed is now enjoyable and fun.  The entire experience with Dr. Friedlander and his team was fantastic!  They made me feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way.  Dr. Friedlander and his assistant Tera offered great support through it all.  If anyone is considering a procedure to help them feel more comfortable with their body, I would highly recommend not only VaserLipo but Dr. Friedlander and his team!   I couldn’t be happier with my results!
What a difference this abdomen/flank procedure makes for how I look and feel about myself! Dr. Friedlander did such a marvelous job – where did you find my abs? I even bought a pair of designer jeans that I like and they fit me – size 31; when is the last time that happened? Thanks to staff who helped, especially Tera for all the useful inside info. Thanks again for helping me feel better about myself with this timely and affordable procedure.
Dr. Friedlander, following my wife’s great results with your liposuction, I’d like to send along my appreciation and positive feedback for my recent abdomen, sides, and back procedure.  At 50 years old, I became extremely unhappy with the barrel around my mid-section.  Despite attempts to exercise and eat right, there was nothing that would work to overcome my growing belly and oversize “Dad Bod”.  Doing research on your practice and methods, I was most convinced after spending time speaking with you and your Consultant, Tera.  The procedure moved smoothly and you and Tera’s personal attention in the days following was very comforting.  Now 3 weeks after my case, I’m extremely pleased with my results and look.  I’m having a hard time keeping my pants up and shirts are now fitting appropriately on my body without the button stress in my mid-section.  More importantly, this procedure is giving me enthusiasm to re-dedicate myself to eating better and keeping my look from here on out.  I can’t say I was motivated to do this without the great success in my procedure. I’m glad I decided to do this and convinced that going with you was the right choice.  Thank you for such great work and Doctor care and I appreciate you giving me back my body pride in my 50’s!